1000 Homo DJs – Supernaut (Magenta) (Colored Vinyl)


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Supernaut (Magenta)
(Colored Vinyl)
Artist: 1000 Homo DJs
Note: Filed with Ministry

Format: LP
Release Date: 6/25/2021
LABEL: Cleopatra
VENDOR: Cleopatra Records INC
UPC: 889466233319
GENRE: Heavy Metal

A rare treat for fans of the studio side project from Ministry’s Al Jourgensen & Paul Barker – 1000 Homo DJs!

Includes both the Al and Trent vocal takes of the title track, a killer cover of the Black Sabbath classic, plus an exclusive never before released remix along with the rest of the tracks from the 1990 EP plus the 1988 self-titled 12″ single! Available on Magenta vinyl!

1 Supernaut (Al Vocal)
2 Hey Asshole!
3 Supernaut (Remix)
4 Supernaut (Trent Vocal)
5 Apathy
6 Better Ways
7 Supernaut (Dub Mix)