Aimee Mann – Bachelor No.2: 20th Anniversary Edition [RSD BF 2020] (Vinyl)


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Bachelor No.2: 20th Anniversary Edition [RSD BF 2020] Artist: Aimee Mann Note: Filed with ‘Til Tuesday DETAILS Format: Vinyl Label: SUPER EGO RECORDS Rel. Date: 11/26/2020 UPC: 698519000217 The 20th anniversary of Aimee Mann’s groundbreaking album in a deluxe double LP package with liner notes from Aimee Mann and five additional tracks: four songs written for Bachelor No. 2 that ended up on the Magnolia Soundtrack and a re-recorded version of “Wise Up”. Completely remastered and pressed on colored double vinyl, this is the first time SuperEgo has released this album on vinyl. Tracklist “How Am I Different”, “Nothing Is Good Enough”, “Red Vines”, “The Fall Of The World’s Own Optimist”, “Satellite”, “Deathly”, “Ghost World”, “Calling It Quits”, “Driving Sideways”, “Just Like Anyone”, “Susan”, “It Takes All Kinds”, “You Do”, “One (From The Magnolia Soundtrack)”, “Save Me”, “Momentum”, “Build That Wall”, “Wise Up”