Albert Collins – Ice Pickin’ (140 Gram Vinyl)


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Ice Pickin’ (140 Gram Vinyl) Artist: Albert Collins Format: LP Release Date: 5/13/2022 LABEL: Alligator Records VENDOR: Alligator Records & Artist DISTRIBUTOR: AMPED UPC: 014551271314 GENRE: Blues DESCRIPTION Limited vinyl LP pressing of the Grammy-nominated Alligator debut by The Master of the Telecaster, Albert Collins. An essential part of any blues collection, the album features all-time fan favorites like Master Charge, Honey Hush and Conversation With Collins. Revered as a true blues legend, Albert Collins’ greatest success came after he signed with Alligator and cut Ice Pickin.’ It won the Best Blues Album of the Year Award from the Montreux Jazz Festival, in addition to being nominated for a Grammy, and has been inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame. Tracklist: 1 Honey, Hush! 2 When the Welfare Turns It’s Back on You 3 Ice Pick 4 Cold, Cold Feeling 5 Too Tired 6 Master Charge 7 Conversation with Collins 8 Avalanche