Anal Pudding – A Nice Poop (CD)


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Artist: Anal Pudding
Title: A Nice Poop
Label: Not On Label, None
Format: CD
Release: January 24, 2014
Country: US
Region: Buffalo, NY
UPC: 692863126920

A musical journey into the anus and beyond. A greatest hits compilation of Funk-Punk Potty Rock by the underground sensation, Anal Pudding.

1. Goat Raper
2. Your Dog’s Got Crazy Nipples
3. Avril Lavigne be my Latrine
4. Come on Granny
5. Anal Fangoria
6. Crack Whores Aren’t Worth It
7. City of the Strange Ones
8. Can I Masturbate in your Car?
9. Your Mama’s Got a Strap On
10. Hiney Jam
11. Let’s Acquaint You With My Taint
12. I’ve Got the Fever For the Flavor of a Fetus
13. Trippin’ on my Turds
14. Urinal Mint