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DESCRIPTION In 2014, Dan Snaith aka Caribou released Our Love to overwhelming critical acclaim. Caribou returns now with his new studio album Suddenly, a warm, untamable, and constantly surprising record about family and the changes we go through as those relationships evolve. Most prominently, Suddenly refers to the moments of dramatic and unexpected change that occur at points in any life and within any family-universal themes that can catch you off guard and change your life in a heartbeat. Those dramatic moments are part of a slower process. These moments rear their heads, for good or bad, during the everyday flow of life. There’s a tension between those sudden things which blindside you and the more glacial, gradual day-to-day changes, he observes. We are so caught up in the immediate-the details that require our attention every day-that we can be blind to the bigger forces shaping us. That’s why so often when something drastic happens suddenly, it catalyzes all sorts of changes in our lives. Our perspective shifts. Suddenly is in the music, too. This is the most surprising and unpredictable Caribou album to date. Though it retains the trademark Caribou warmth and technicolor, this album is littered with swerves and left turns. I wanted to balance the familiar-the sound that people associate with my music-against these moments of surprise, Snaith says. As his passion and joy in music-making remains as fresh as ever, Suddenly is the purest example of this yet. Suddenly (Black, Digital Download Card) Artist: Caribou Format: LP Release Date: 2/28/2020 LABEL: Merge Records UPC: 673855070810 GENRE: Rock Tracks 1 Sister 2 You and I 3 Sunny’s Time 4 New Jade 5 Home 6 Lime 7 Never Come Back 8 Filtered Grand Piano 9 Like I Loved You 10 Magpie 11 Ravi 12 Cloud Song