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ELECTRIC PEACE by CULT LP VINYL 1 DISC LABEL: BEGGARS BANQUET GENRE: ROCK/POP UPC: 0607618212513 CAT: LP-BBQ-2125 RELEASE: 7/30/2013 Tracklist Electric A1 Wild Flower A2 Peace Dog A3 Lil’ Devil A4 Aphrodisiac Jacket A5 Electric Ocean A6 Bad Fun B1 King Contrary Man B2 Love Removal Machine B3 Born To Be Wild B4 Outlaw B5 Memphis Hip Shake Peace C1 Love Removal Machine C2 Wild Flower C3 Peace Dog C4 Aphrodisiac Jacket C5 Electric Ocean D1 Bad Fun D2 Conquistador D3 Zap City D4 Love Trooper D5 Outlaw D6 Groove Co.