Essential Rock Discography by Martin C. Strong


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Used Condition: VG Canongate Paperback For the serious rock and pop music aficionado or the inquisitive teenager whose taste runs from the Doors to Beyonc, here is the definitive, you’ll-need-no-other music book. Completely revised and updated with brand new photographs throughout, this formidable tome is the perfect tool to lead a rollicking, at-home Rock & Roll Jeopardy night. Set it bedside and learn one fact on the greatest rockersor your underrated favoritesevery night. For example, did you know that P. Diddy started as a “dogsbody”a goferfor Heavy D’s Uptown Records? Or that Neil Diamond was originally part of a duo, Neil & Jack? Whether punks, divas, alt-rockers, rappers, rock-a-billies, or gods of the pop pantheon, all you need to know about everyone is here. Gaze at Living Color and Rainbow, as well as Pink, Deep Purple, Blue Nile, and Green Day. From one-hit wonders to mega stars it doesn’t matter the size, this is an inexhaustible book overflowing with biographical tidbits, evolving band line-ups, session descriptions, anecdotes, and definitive track and label listings. With a reputation as the best, most exhaustive, up-to-date discography around, it’s perfect for every music lover you know.