Gang Of Four ‎– A Brief History Of The Twentieth Century (Vinyl)


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BRIEF HISTORY OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY (CLEAR VINYL/2LP) (BACK 2 Artist GANG OF FOUR FORMAT: LP Vinyl LABEL: RHINO/WARNER BROS. CATALOG NO: 26448-R BARCODE: 0603497858644 GENRE: Rock/Pop NO OF DISCS: 2 RELEASE DATE: 7/24/2018 Tracklist: A1 At Home He’s A Tourist 3:32 A2 Damaged Goods 3:28 A3 Natural’s Not In It 3:06 A4 Not Great Men 3:06 A5 Anthrax 4:23 B1 Return The Gift 3:06 B2 It’s Her Factory 3:09 B3 What We All Want (Live) 5:11 B4 Paralysed 3:22 B5 A Hole In The Wallet 3:24 C1 Cheeseburger 4:07 C2 To Hell With Poverty! 4:37 C3 Capital (It Fails Us Now) 4:03 C4 Call Me Up 3:36 C5 I Will Be A Good Boy 3:10 D1 The History Of The World 4:39 D2 I Love A Man In A Uniform 4:07 D3 Is It Love 4:34 D4 Womantown 4:31 D5 We Live As We Dream, Alone 3:38