Lifemusik mit Andre – Catsitting at Joey’s Place (Cassette, EP)


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Buffalo, NY

Hand made art and dubbed, very DYI and Lo-Fi

Artist: Lifemusik mit Andre
Title: Catsitting at Joey’s Place
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Region: Burlington, VT / Buffalo, NY
Released: 2015
Genre: Pop
Style: Lo-Fi, Bedroom Pop, Outsider, Weirdo


The Light Was On
Drum Enter Lude 
Drum Enter Lude 2
Sleepover at Joey’s House
6 Too Long

Recorded secretly one weekend in Sept 2014 at Joey’s apartment while catsitting Hyacinth. She didn’t care for me and I was feeling blue. I had fun watching x-men cartoons, reading book 2 of game of thrones, and making this.

released January 16, 2015

All musik written and recorded by Andre Welks with a keyboard, a microphone, a hello kitty guitar, and a tiny but well miced drum set. Captured on 4track with built in effects knob