Nickel Creek – Why Should The Fire Die? (180 Gram Vinyl)


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Why Should The Fire Die? (180 Gram Vinyl) Artist: Nickel Creek Format: LP Release Date: 11/6/2020 LABEL: Craft Recordings NUMBER OF DISCS: 2 UPC: 888072180413 GENRE: Country DESCRIPTION Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. As Nickel Creek integrated more rock and pop elements into their music, they went in a new direction with their 2005 album – enlisting producers Eric Valentine & Tony Berg. Why Should The Fire Die? features original material such as “When in Rome,” “Helena” and “Jealous Moon.” It also includes a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Tomorrow Is a Long Time.” The Billboard Top 20 album earned two Grammy nominations; Best Contemporary Folk Album and Best Country Instrumental Performance (“Scotch & Chocolate”). Tracklist: 1 When in Rome 2 Somebody More Like You 3 Jealous of the Moon 4 Scotch & Chocolate 5 Can’t Complain 6 Tomorrow Is a Long Time 7 Eveline 8 Stumptown 9 Anthony 10 Best of Luck 11 Doubting Thomas 12 First and Last Waltz 13 Helena 14 Why Should the Fire Die?