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BACKSPACER Artist PEARL JAM FORMAT: LP Vinyl LABEL: PEARL JAM/MONKE CATALOG NO: B001926901 BARCODE: 0804879169413 GENRE: Rock/Pop NO OF DISCS: 1 RELEASE DATE: 10/8/2013 Tracklist A1 Gonna See My Friend 2:47 A2 Got Some 3:01 A3 The Fixer 2:57 A4 Johnny Guitar 2:49 A5 Just Breathe 3:34 A6 Amongst The Waves 3:57 B1 Unthought Known 4:08 B2 Supersonic 2:38 B3 Speed Of Sound 3:34 B4 Force Of Nature 4:03 B5 The End 2:55