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SUMAC – Love in Shadow (CLEAR WITH PINK STREAKS VINYL) (Vinyl) Catalog # : LP-THRILL-470C Artist : SUMAC UPC : 790377470116 Label : Thrill Jockey Records Street Date : 1/22/2021 DESCRIPTION Double clear and pink vinyl LP pressing. Love is what makes us human. It guides our decisions, shapes our worldview, and defines our experiences. It’s absence equates to tragedy while it’s presence gives our lives meaning. “Love has been well worn theme throughout a lot of rock music, but most commonly in terms of love-lost, overly romanticized versions of new love, or as a veil for sexual conquest,” says Sumac guitarist and vocalist Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, Mamiffer, ISIS). “It is rarely addressed in it’s more spiritual and vulnerable aspects.” Those less-traversed territories of humankind’s connective bond became the central theme Sumac’s third full-length album, Love In Shadow, though their explorations of that motif are a far cry from traditional manifestations of love in the realm of art. Across four protracted songs, Turner and his cohorts-Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists, Erosion) on drums and Brian Cook (Russian Circles) on bass-interlace and mangle sounds from their instruments in a sonic homage to both the innate warmth of human magnetism and the cold realities of corrupted love-jealousy, obsession, perversion, addiction. Tracklist A The Task 21:33 B Attis’ Blade 15:47 C Arcing Silver 12:04 D Ecstasy Of Unbecoming 16:52 Dist: Redeye