Tex Ritter Roundup, The (Used DVD)


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Media Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-) Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) Woodward “Tex” Ritter may be best-remembered for singing the title song in the classic 1952 Western, High Noon, but he had a long and successful career as one of Hollywoods most-popular singing cowboys during the Thirties and Forties. Here, on 5 DVDs, are 15 Tex Ritter classics, from his very first film in 1936 through some of his best-loved singing Westerns of the mid-1940s. Many favorite character actors appear throughout even a very young Rita Hayworth! No fan of Western films or music should be without this impressive set. SONG OF THE GRINGO (1936) HEADIN FOR THE RIO GRANDE (1936) ARIZONA DAYS (1937) TROUBLE IN TEXAS (1937) HITTIN THE TRAIL (1937) SING, COWBOY, SING (1937) RIDERS OF THE ROCKIES (1937) THE MYSTERY OF THE HOODED HORSEMAN (1937) THE MAN FROM TEXAS (1939) RIDERS OF THE FRONTIER (1939) WESTBOUND STAGE (1939) ROLL, WAGONS, ROLL (1940) RIDIN THE CHEROKEE TRAIL (1941) THE WHISPERING SKULL (1944) ENEMY OF THE LAW (1945) BONUS: Cowboy Commercials John Ritter Interviews Disc One SONG OF THE GRINGO (1936) In his film debut, Tex tries to solve a murder by going undercover to join a tough gang and winds up on trial for murder. Al Jennings a real-life cowboy and former bank robber – plays the Judge! HEADIN FOR THE RIO GRANDE (1936) Texs second film finds him in pursuit of a gang of ruthless cattle rustlers who run a protection racket. Silent comedian Snub Pollard is the cook. ARIZONA DAYS (1937) Tex joins a Wild West show but winds up in a tough position when hes appointed county tax collector! British stage legend William Faversham (Becky Sharp) is the colorful owner of the show. Disc Two TROUBLE IN TEXAS (1937) Someone is murdering rodeo stars with poison-tipped needles and Tex is on the hit list! Rita Cansino (later known as Rita Hayworth) plays Carmen, the cantina dancer. HITTIN THE TRAIL (1937) Tex is a horse-trader who inadvertently swaps horses with a fleeing outlaw, leading to mistaken identity. Hank Worden (The Searchers) plays Texs sidekick Hank. SING, COWBOY, SING (1937) Tex tries to help the daughter of a murdered freight contractor. Silent comedians Al St. John and Snub Pollard appear. Disc Three RIDERS OF THE ROCKIES (1937) Tex joins the Arizona Rangers to catch some cattle rustlers along the Mexican border and winds up getting framed. Legendary stuntman Yakima Canutt plays Sgt Beef. THE MYSTERY OF THE HOODED HORSEMAN (1937) Tex goes after a gang of hooded outlaws and winds up joining them undercover, only to be arrested as an actual member of the gang. Ray Taylor (Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe) directed. THE MAN FROM TEXAS (1939) Tex squares off against a much-feared gunman named The Shooting Kid, but since Tex once helped him, they wind up joining forces against the bad guys. Legendary Indian-athlete Jim Thorpe has a small role as a posse rider. Disc Four RIDERS OF THE FRONTIER (1939) Tex poses as a notorious outlaw in order to uncover the identity of a cattle thief and murderer. Mantan Moreland (of Charlie Chan fame) plays the cook. WESTBOUND STAGE (1939) Tex must stop a vicious gang of looters who have been attacking wagon trains. Spencer Bennett (Superman) directed. ROLL, WAGONS, ROLL (1940) Tex is sent to find out who has been supplying Indians with rifles to attack westward-bound pioneers. Albert Herman (The Cisco Kid) directed. Disc Five RIDIN THE CHEROKEE TRAIL (1941) Tex ventures into dangerous Cherokee territory in order to catch a band of outlaws. Former prizefighter Jack Roper plays Squint the Thug. THE WHISPERING SKULL (1944) A Western murder-mystery in which Tex must track down a mysterious murderer, The Whispering Skull, who rides a silent horse. Elmer Clifton (Marihuana: Assassin of Youth) directed. ENEMY OF THE LAW (1945) A map leading to a passel of stolen loot is printed on the bottom of an ex-cons foot (!), so Tex must help the Rangers locate that loot a ticklish situation. Harry Fraser (Chained For Life) directe