Various Artist – Local Music Live Lake Sessions Vol. 3


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Artist: Various Title: Local Music 107.7 FM Buffalo Live Lake Sessions Vol. 3 Label: Release: UPC: 692863109923 Country: US Region: Buffalo, NY Genre: Style: Tracklist: 1. Dee Adams “Taking My Time” 2. Any December “Hide and Seek” 3. Maria Sebastian “I Should’ve Known” 4. Mockba “Soviet Skunk Serenade” 5. Highway Beautiful “Dream Out Loud” 6. Davey O “Transformation Road” 7. Pamela Ryder “Lover Don’t Leave Me” 8. McCarthyizm “Victor’s Morning” 9. Mombrea “She Does the Laundry (More Than She Does Me)” 10. Steve Roth “Beautiful Addiction” 11. Chris Squier “California (Queen of Light)” 12. Kari Czubinski “For My Mother” 13. Guestroom Project “Another Road”